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Parker Poe has a lateral attorney hiring program to address staffing needs that arise from time to time in particular practice areas. Lateral attorneys hired from areas all over the country comprise a significant portion of the Parker Poe team. On this page, we will periodically post career opportunities in desirable locations in North Carolina and South Carolina. The following is a description of our lateral hiring program, and our current needs.

Lateral Attorney Integration

Parker Poe is committed to integrating lateral attorneys upon acceptance of an offer. We offer guidance on professional services from moving companies and real estate agents to doctor and dentist referrals. 

We know it is important for the whole family to transition so we schedule specific social and orientation activities during the first several months with the firm.

We practice in communities which welcome new residents. Laterals are quickly accepted and are presented with civic, charitable and business development opportunities within a short period of time. The warmth and hospitality indigenous to the cities in which we practice provide an excellent base of support.