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  • September 15, 2014



And the walls go up

Construction keeps progressing at our new Raleigh office. Drywall is going up – the space looks quite a bit different with actual walls in place.

Below is one of our corner collaboration areas. There are no corner offices in our new Raleigh space; instead, we decided to build collaboration areas for use by our various practice groups.


Paralegal offices are starting to come together in the photo above, with the drywall and glass panels installed. Below is a work area for our legal professional assistants.




Taking shape

With demolition and the clean up finished, the construction work has begun. In the photo directly below you can see what will be our lobby on the 14th floor of the PNC Plaza. Our new office will be spread over two floors in the building.


In the photos below you can see the rest of the office space starting to take shape as the beams for the walls go up.




Our new office offers wonderful views over Raleigh. The interior has been designed with a lot of glass as well to make the most of the views and to let the light permeate the office.


Coming up next, the drywall goes up.


Demolition and the aftermath

With any project, the demolition process is messy. Really, really messy. Our Raleigh office was no exception, as you can see.




Things looked a little better once the mess was cleaned up. Below, you can see how the space looked with everything removed.


Next up, the space starts to take shape.



A look at our design process

The design process for our new Raleigh office began last summer. It was a collaborative effort involving lawyers, paralegals and other staff members. The result of the process was a space that was light and bright, with an emphasis on openness and glass, as you can see in these renderings. 

Our staff wanted a space that was more efficient, allocating appropriate square footage for both private and collaborative spaces, with areas that served multiple functions. A large multipurpose conference area, for example, can be subdivided into three separate functional conference rooms.

Our staff also wanted a space that cultivated communication and interaction. Our café area, for example, with tables, booths and bar seating, was created on the exterior of the building to encourage interaction between the lawyers, paralegals, and LPAs. A large portion of the library collection is wrapped around the café – with the remainder of the library collection decentralized into the corner collaborative spaces.

Next up, photos of the space and the demolition work.


By the numbers...

Here’s a look at our new Raleigh office space, by the numbers:

Square feet in new space – 50,000

Floors  – 2

Attorney offices in new space – 72

Paralegal offices in new space – 24

LPA stations in new space – 20

Corner offices – 0

Collaborative corner areas for lawyers and staff to discuss their cases – 6

Conference rooms – 12

Conference room seats – 116

SkyFold doors that deploy from the ceiling to divide the multipurpose room – 2

Law offices in North Carolina as unique as this one – we’re pretty sure it’s zero.


Watch our Raleigh office create its new home

We're moving.

After 18 years in the Wells Fargo Capitol Center, the Raleigh office of Parker Poe is moving into the PNC Plaza. We should be in our new location in November.

The move has been in the works for some time. But rather than just making some carpet and paint changes, assigning corner offices and cubicles and picking up our desks and files and moving them down Fayetteville Street, we decided it was time for a law firm to do something different. Really different.

So that’s what we’re doing.

In June of 2013, our attorneys, paralegals and other staff members began a collaborative effort with design firm Gensler to come up with a law office for the 21st Century. A year later, the demolition and construction process on our new space has begun.

The result of that collaboration? An office that is light and bright and modern, with an emphasis on openness and glass. There are no corner offices, only collaborative spaces for our various practice areas. We’ve swapped old paintings for sleek new high-definition flat screens. Outdated break rooms have been replaced with an irresistible café area featuring tables, booths and bar seating.

And wait until you see the views.

There’s more, of course. To see it all, we invite you to follow along by checking back here regularly for updates.