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Parker Poe Launches Health Law Blog

  • October 31, 2014
RALEIGH, N.C. — Parker Poe recently launched a new blog to keep the health care industry up-to-date on the legal and regulatory changes affecting health care in the Carolinas.

Parker Poe Health Law will feature regular contributions from blog co-authors and attorneys Robb Leandro and Matt Wolfe, as well as other members of Parker Poe’s multi-faceted health care industry team.

“We have a great team of attorneys serving our health care clients, and we want the blog to showcase the many ways the law impacts the health care industry,” Leandro said.  

While Parker Poe Health Law will primarily focus on changes at the state level in North and South Carolina, it will also feature federal changes that impact the region. “Health care is a local, state, federal and, increasingly, international issue. The blog will reflect that,” Wolfe said.  

The blog will be complemented by Parker Poe’s new health law Twitter account, @parkerpoehealth. “Social media is an excellent opportunity for our clients and prospective clients to connect with us and to stay informed on the evolution of health care,” Leandro said.

“To be successful in health care, providers need not only to react to changes, they need to anticipate and embrace change,” Wolfe said. “We want to help them with this evolution.”

Parker Poe Health Law can be found at
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