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It's Time to Register .Bank Domains

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  • April 29, 2015

Beginning in May, banks will be able to register domain names with ".bank" extensions, such as ""

The “.bank” domains will have enhanced security requirements and may only be registered by verified members of the banking community. As such, the new domains are expected to create an online banking space that is more trusted, secure, and easily identifiable than the space created by the existing .com and other domains. Some banks are planning to register these domains for active use in the near future, while others are registering them for defensive purposes or to have them available if and when they decide to use them later.

Banks that are interested in registering “.bank” domains should consider registering their trademarks now with the official Trademark Clearinghouse, if they have not already done so. Among other things, registration with the Clearinghouse will grant trademark holders early priority in registering “.bank” domains that correspond to their registered marks – in other words, trademark holders will be able to register their domains before the domains become available on a first-come, first-served basis to the wider banking community. The Clearinghouse process should be completed quickly, however, before the priority domain-name registration period opens on May 18.

Click here for an American Bankers Association publication with more information about the launch of these domains.