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Tips For Solar Power Operators Facing Reliability Audits


  • June 04, 2018

Ashley Cooper wrote an article in Law360 about the growing trend of reliability audits for solar developers. 

"As solar power developments spread across the country and expand their electrical output, more of them are triggering mandatory reliability standards and related reliability audits, under the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and North American Electric Reliability Corporation," Ashley wrote. "The audits are intense, lengthy and often a foreign concept to solar and other renewable developers who own or operate generating facilities."

"Utilities, on the other hand, have years of practice working under the standards, monitoring and adapting to modifications and preparing for the audits. Because many solar owners and operators are starting without this history, the lessons that utilities’ in-house and outside counsel have learned may be extremely valuable. This article explores some of those lessons, including the pivotal importance of planning for audits from day one of the development process, as well as treating the compliance program as a living, dynamic entity that should be continuously reviewed and updated."

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