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Navigating Evolving Regulations for Emerging Contaminants

Industry Today

  • June 18, 2019

Mary Katherine Stukes and Deja Kemp wrote a guest article in Industry Today on how manufacturers and other industrial companies can navigate the increasing scrutiny on certain widely used chemical substances. 

"Known as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), these substances are used in waterproof and stainproof fabrics and carpets, non-stick cookware, leak-proof coatings on packaging materials, firefighting foam, and many other products," Mary Katherine and Deja wrote. "PFAS can cause concern in a broad range of industrial operations, including chemical and textile manufacturing plants, chrome plating operations, and refineries."

"They have been found at such wide-ranging locations as landfills, airports, military and other firefighting training facilities, and wastewater treatment plants," they continued. "In certain cases, PFAS investigations have resulted in scathing media coverage, multimillion-dollar fines, and third-party lawsuits. Some manufacturers may not even realize these substances are in their raw products, operations or waste streams – most states do not require manufacturers to test or have permits for them."

Mary Katherine and Deja provided an overview of current regulations and offered practical tips for manufacturers and other industrial companies dealing with the evolving regulatory landscape. 

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