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Matt Wolfe Quoted in Behavioral Health Business

    Media Mentions
  • November 12, 2020

Matt Wolfe was quoted in Behavioral Health Business on how the Biden presidency is likely to impact the health care industry. One of the big issues for the industry is the legal uncertainty facing the Affordable Care Act, which is again before the U.S. Supreme Court. Biden made clear on the campaign trail he would seek to strengthen the ACA. 

“I don’t think that the Biden administration is going to just sit on its hands until the Supreme Court decides,” Matt said. “I think they’re going to move forward with the presumption that the ACA will be upheld as constitutional.” 

Matt also noted that many in the health care industry are expecting the Biden administration to put more resources into enforcement. 

You can read the full article here: From Medicaid Changes to Parity Enforcement: What a Biden Administration Means for Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health Business is an independent source covering the mental health and addiction recovery industry.