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Matt Wolfe Quoted in Home Health Care News on Changes to Stark Law

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  • November 30, 2020

Matt Wolfe was quoted in Home Health Care News on the federal government finalizing changes to the Physician Self-Referral Law, often called Stark Law. The changes are meant to encourage providers to shift to a newer payment model where reimbursement is tied to value rather than volume. 

“Since the enactment of the statute, there have been a whole host of different regulatory efforts to better define and narrow the scope of the law, recognizing that there are a number of times where it would be appropriate for a physician to refer a patient to designated health care services,” Matt said. 

That is part of how value-based care can work well: when multidisciplinary providers team up to take care of a patient, rather than each operating and billing in a silo. 

Matt said providers should review their current contracts in light of CMS' announcement.  

“Even though one of the goals of this regulatory action is to reduce regulatory burdens, I think, in the short run, providers are going to have to put some resources into making sure that their current arrangements comply with the new iteration of the laws and regulations," he said. 

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