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Virtual Counsel Program


Parker Poe serves as a one-stop shop to the leaders of startups and fast-growing companies, as well as “intrapreneurs” within established companies. Our attorneys have helped dozens of clients through all phases of building their businesses, including ultimately selling to private equity firms or to the public through initial public offerings (IPOs). We understand not only the mindset entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs have and the time pressure they face, but also the common roadblocks they encounter and the hidden landmines that can damage their company’s value. Sometimes the question is as simple as what to do and when to do it.

We also understand why the traditional legal model does not always work for some fast-growing companies, especially those still determining exactly how much legal support they need. Their leaders may not have internal legal advice and want the opportunity to collaborate on problems without being “on the clock” – and so do we. That’s why Parker Poe created its Virtual Counsel Program.

The Virtual Counsel Program gives clients access to experienced business advisors for a set monthly cost. It can be highly cost effective and efficient for some clients because this program enables the business to select the types of advice they need and fix the cost, while gaining the benefit of regular, proactive general and strategic counseling from business lawyers with a deep understanding of their business and how it makes money. As a 250-attorney firm stretching from Atlanta to Washington, D.C., we also have the resources to bring in attorneys with deep, nuanced perspective on niche areas of law. 

Services we routinely include in the Virtual Counsel Program are:

  • Financing advice regarding debt and equity financing to fuel your growth.
  • Commercial contracts services to help manage your supplier, customer, and other contracts.
  • Governance, risk, and compliance services, including preparing corporate records and documenting good faith preparation and adherence to responsible policies.
  • Governmental compliance services to identify and comply with applicable regulations, licensing, and registration requirements.
  • Employment and labor services to help attract, hire, and retain the right employees and adopt appropriate employee policies.

Additional services available, either as part of the fixed cost of the Virtual Counsel Program or on an additional project-based assignment, include:

  • Tax services to identify tax-optimized structures for transactions and operations.
  • Intellectual property services to identify and protect trademarks, service marks, copyrights, patents, trade secrets, and “secret sauce.”
  • Cybersecurity and data privacy services to help you understand evolving threats and regulations while securing your organization's, employees', and clients’ data.
  • Real estate and commercial development services to assist with leasing, developing, acquiring, or disposing of property.
  • Mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures services to help you prepare for, structure, and execute the most important events for your business.
  • Litigation services to help defend your rights and resolve disputes.  

Representative Experience

Examples of Businesses We Have Helped

  • Automotive dealership services enterprise
  • Commercial general contracting business
  • Commercial office furniture business
  • Commercial roofing company
  • Cruise and events business
  • Data processing company
  • Entertainment and fan experience enterprise
  • Film production and equipment rental business
  • Internet-of-things platform enterprise
  • Multifamily and single-family development and construction businesses
  • Outdoor advertising company
  • Pipeline services company
  • Specialty publication and industry consulting enterprise
  • Temporary staffing businesses

Examples of How We Help

  • Assisted in development of business plan and revisions of plan over time.
  • Negotiated and documented private offering of initial funding round.
  • Negotiated multiple rounds of debt-based project finance.
  • Negotiated multiple rounds of equity investment and admission of new investors.
  • Assisted in selection of new banking relationship and negotiation of line of credit agreement.
  • Assisted in selection of new CPA relationship.
  • Assisted in development, documentation, and certification of ISO 27001 data security program.
  • Assisted with the opening of new offices in additional states and administration of multistate employment and registration compliance.
  • Assisted in the development and implementation of multistate tax compliance program.
  • Assisted in the development of hiring and employment protocols, incentive programs, and discipline programs.
  • Assisted in registration of trademarks and protection of intellectual property.
  • Assisted in negotiation, administration, and enforcement of multiple contracts simultaneously and administration of multiple projects and events simultaneously.
  • Assisted with the negotiation and documentation of revised ownership agreements to facilitate incentive-based growth.
  • Assisted in the integration of acquired businesses, including assignment and assumption of contracts, transition of acquired accounts, registration of acquired assets.
  • Assisted in the divestiture of transferred businesses.
  • Assisted in the negotiation, sale, and documentation of sale of divisions of larger enterprises.
  • Assisted in negotiation and documentation of sale of business.

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