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Supreme Court Agenda Light on Employment Cases

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  • October 07, 2011

While the new U.S. Supreme Court term began on Monday, the Court's employment docket remains fairly light for the time being. On Wednesday, the Court heard oral arguments in a case involving the extent of the "ministerial exemption" to Title VII. The Court will decide whether teachers at a church-run school can file employment discrimination claims against their employer.

In a case not yet scheduled for argument, the Court will review notice that must be provided by unions to their members when funds are used for political contributions. Another case important to state and municipal employers will determine whether certain provisions of the Family and Medical Leave Act violate states' Eleventh Amendment right of immunity from suit.

It is likely that the Court will add a number of additional employment, labor and benefit cases in the current term. Among other matters, this could include additional challenges to state attempts to curb employment of illegal workers.