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  • June 21, 2016

If you’re like me, sometimes you need a quick refresher on a recent development. Things like:

  • What’s the status of the clawback rules?
  • When do the new pay ratio rules take effect?
  • What was that insider trading court decision a year or so ago. . . the one that let Phil Mickelson off the hook?
  • Didn’t NYSE recently revise its material event notification rules?
  • What’s new with conflict minerals?

Many of you have been regular readers of Doug’s Note throughout its nearly four-year history, which I very much appreciate. You may not realize, however, that an easily searchable archive of all prior blogs, including the Featured Articles and other resources (nearly 250 posts, and counting) can be found at, a public company dedicated microsite of Parker Poe’s Public Company Growth & Compliance Group. Simply click on the magnifying glass in the top right corner, type in key words or phrases and pull up the latest information, or track how an issue developed over time.

The blogs (usually about 500 words) are a quick way to get back up to speed, while the Featured Articles are a bit more detailed. All are written in plain English and highlight practical tips and action steps, with the goal of helping you navigate the deluge of news that threatens to swamp you each day. The blogs and articles combine to cover almost every significant development in the securities world, as well as many other topics relevant to public companies.

There’s also information about our most recent and upcoming Public Company Forums, our annual face-to-face symposia for legal, finance, compliance and risk management personnel.

Please bookmark and take advantage of this handy resource.