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How to Use Risk Assessments to Shift Culture

ACC Docket

  • January/February 2018

Charlotte partner Jane Lewis-Raymond co-authored an article in ACC Docket about how companies can design and implement risk assessments to help shift their compliance culture.

"Whether you have been in the compliance field for decades or you are brand new to the corporate world, there is no debating the critical nature of assessing your company’s compliance risks," wrote Jane and Karen Haller, general counsel of Southwest Gas Corporation. "These assessments are, in fact, opportunities. With the right approach, they can go beyond simply protecting your organization and ultimately contribute to the culture you are trying to create."

Jane and Karen explained that although that may sound lofty, they have seen how it can work as general counsel for large public companies. (Jane is the former general counsel of Piedmont Natural Gas.) They described the imperative for risk assessments and the importance of tone at the top, middle, and frontline. They also detailed concrete tips for conducting risk assessments and using them as cultural tools. 

You can find the full article here. ACC Docket is the leading publication for in-house counsel, with an audience of more than 35,000 readers worldwide.