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Tom Griffin Interviewed in The Mid-Market Report

    Media Mentions
  • July 19, 2018

Parker Poe Managing Partner Tom Griffin was featured in The Mid-Market Report's law firm leader Q&A. 

"We’ve launched a multi-year campaign to align the law firm’s internal incentives with our clients’ interests," Tom said in response to a question about innovative ways the firm is working with clients. "We’re reviewing everything from how we compensate our lawyers, to how we keep them engaged and collaborative, to how we deliver services, to how we measure the success of our business." 

"Each of these by itself may not seem innovative, although they are all hot topics in law firm management," he continued. "But we’re pulling it all together at once and making it part of a unified strategy and vision. By the end of our campaign, we will be even better at building larger and stronger internal and external relationships – because we will be recognizing and rewarding what makes the most sense for our clients and for a firm like ours."

Tom also described the firm's biggest opportunities, how its business has changed since the recession, and the intentional steps it's taking to attract and retain young lawyers. 

Subscribers can read the full article hereThe Mid-Market Report examines the issues and trends impacting midsize law firms across the United States. It's part of the ALM family, which serves a community of more than 6 million business professionals.