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Five Artful Considerations for a Successful Mediation

ACC Docket

  • November 26, 2018

John Amabile co-authored an article in the ACC Docket with UPS Global Litigation Counsel Stephanie Driggers. John and Stephanie gave practical advice for maximizing the value of mediation.   

"When working with outside counsel, the first question asked about mediation is: 'Is it worth it?'" they wrote. "In other words, is it worth our time? Our money? The answer to that question, assuming the other side is serious, is usually 'Yes.' And from our experience, you can make that answer a more definitive 'yes' by taking a few practical steps." 

The steps they detailed included how to be intentional about time, the best way to prepare your client in advance, and the importance of determining who is making the decisions for the opposing party. 

You can read the full article hereACC Docket is the leading publication for in-house counsel, with an audience of more than 35,000 readers worldwide.