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Katie Iams Quoted Extensively in Charlotte Business Journal on Litigation Trends

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  • March 22, 2019

The Charlotte Business Journal quoted Katie Iams extensively on the major trends in North Carolina business litigation over the past year. Katie is part of a team of Parker Poe litigators who put together an analysis of recent rulings and developments in the Carolinas. 

"There has been a significant uptick in class-action lawsuits that we are seeing, and that trend is being echoed by national data," Katie said in the CBJ. "The areas where we are seeing that are health care, banking, consumer goods, the chemical industry and food products industry. The drivers for the increase are not pinned down, but there are some possibilities. In health care, there has been tort reform in North Carolina, which caps damages awarded in malpractice actions."

Katie also discussed trends with noncompete agreements, trade secrets, and arbitration. Subscribers can find the full article here. The Charlotte Business Journal is the leading business publication in the Charlotte region. 

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