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A Convergence of Trends in the U.S. Automotive Industry Continues to Create Opportunity for Innovative Logistics Services

Supply Chain World

  • August 28, 2019

Sam Moses wrote an article in Supply Chain World that discusses evolving trends creating more opportunities for innovative transportation and logistics companies in the United States.

“The current trade climate is another piece of this puzzle driving the evolution of the innovations in the automotive logistics supply chain. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) face growing uncertainty about whether products being imported into the United States will be subject to increased tariffs, resulting in unanticipated price increases of the parts and components they need,” Sam wrote.

“As logistics companies consider opening a U.S. facility or expanding their American footprint, there are a variety of factors to work through. Experienced site selection and economic development firms can support logistics companies to sort through those factors and identify what assets are needed as they can deliver the most competitive and cost-effective solutions to their automotive production clients, “ he continued. “As international transportation and logistics firms become more engaged in the U.S. automotive sector as a result of the evolving trends in the American automotive market, understanding the business and legal implications are a key part of the equation.”

For the full article, you may click here. Supply Chain World is the authority on best practices in supply chain management, highlighting strategies to help move products and information more efficiently and completely in the 21st century’s linked economy.