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Three Big Questions (and Answers) for Auto Companies in the Southeast


  • November 04, 2019

Sam Moses and Richard Few wrote a guest article in IndustryWeek about big questions that automotive companies are working through in the Southeast.

“The southeastern United States continues to be a major regional target for economic development expansion opportunities in the automotive industry,” they wrote. “This year, a variety of companies who were on the verge of deploying their capital to build an American plant have decided the time is now. At the same time, other automotive businesses are sitting on the sidelines, anxiously waiting to see whether escalating tariffs are a short-term anomaly or long-term challenge."

“Tariffs have certainly complicated the legal landscape in the Southeast for the automotive industry, but they are not the only factor that businesses and economic developers are focused on right now," they continued. "At automotive conferences and in private conversations, many decision-makers are equally concerned about workforce issues and rapidly changing technology.”

Click here to read Sam and Richard’s practical tips for navigating those issues. IndustryWeek is a leading magazine in the manufacturing industry, with more than 1 million page views a month from executives, decision-makers, and other manufacturing professionals.