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Raleigh News Outlets Quote Melanie Dubis in Coverage of Landmark Education Case

    Media Mentions
  • January 22, 2020

The News & Observer and WRAL quoted Melanie Dubis in their coverage of the latest development in the Leandro case, a long-running lawsuit that established a constitutional right to a sound basic education for all public school students in North Carolina. Melanie is the lead counsel for the plaintiff school districts.

“If the state actors don’t remedy the constitutional violation — which they haven’t done after 25 years — after due deference, the court has the duty and the obligation to order a remedy,” Melanie said in The N&O. A judge this week ordered state leaders to “work expeditiously" to meet their constitutional mandate, agreeing with a consultant's recent report that the state is still failing to live up to its obligations. 

You can read The News & Observer's article here and find WRAL's coverage here. The N&O and WRAL are two of Raleigh's leading news outlets.