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Bruce Thompson Quoted on CBS 17

    Media Mentions
  • February 12, 2020

Bruce Thompson gave perspective to CBS 17 on a unique political ad strategy. A group tied to Republicans is running advertisements in North Carolina promoting a Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate. 

"I haven’t seen it happen in North Carolina before," said Bruce, who has been involved in U.S. presidential and congressional campaigns. "The courts have said you can set up groups like this. They have a voice. They have the same First Amendment rights that you and I would have as individuals."

He provided additional context on the rules. 

"Unless it’s an ad that is defamatory, the broadcast stations really aren’t in a position to deny these ads and to deny this speech," Bruce said. "You may or may not agree with what their strategy is or what their motivation is, but they are a legitimate group following the rules. They’re expressing their opinions."

You can watch the story here. CBS 17 is the CBS affiliate in Raleigh, Durham, and Fayetteville.