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Brian Darer Quoted in N.C. Lawyers Weekly

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  • May 19, 2020

Brian Darer was quoted in North Carolina Lawyers Weekly about how COVID-19 is impacting bankruptcies. 

“I think it’s very easy right now for creditors and debtors to kick this can down the road 90 days and maybe another 90 days," Brian said. "But problems are going to come up with whether a creditor is willing to go another 90 or 180 days if there’s another shutdown. For a lot of them, I think the answer is going to be no. With this shutdown you’re going to see a lot of deferrals and forbearances. If there’s a second shutdown, I think you’re less likely to see as many, and I think you’re more likely to see lawsuits, foreclosures, and bankruptcies.”

You can read the full article here. N.C. Lawyers Weekly is a top source of legal information for practicing attorneys in the state.