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How Workflows Are Changing Amid the Pandemic—And How Technology Can Help

Legaltech News

  • August 07, 2020

Skip Lohmeyer wrote an article in Legaltech News about how law firms are adapting amid the pandemic to keep cohesion high and maintain strong client relationships. 

"Even after the coronavirus pandemic has ended, the new normal of being able to work from anywhere will stick around," Skip wrote. "Many law firms are already recognizing a future where some portion—possibly a large portion—of their employees work regularly or even permanently away from a traditional office."

"As a result, many workflows and processes have changed, are changing, or need to change," he continued. "While some changes to date were the natural result of being forced to adapt on the fly, it is critical for law firms to be intentional and strategic about which changes they keep and how they memorialize them, as well as what technology they invest in to ensure their success. Fortunately, there are technological tools that can help with many of these new workflows, including when it comes to keeping firm cohesion high, maintaining deep client relationships, and providing IT help remotely."

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