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Georgia Business Court Now an Alternative During the Pandemic

Bloomberg Law

  • October 15, 2020

John Amabile, Ellen Smith, and Todd Sprinkle wrote an article in Bloomberg Law about how Georgia's new business court "has potential to become the preferred route of businesses looking to resolve a variety of disputes under state law."

"Georgia voters amended the state constitution two years ago to create the court, which the Georgia Chamber of Commerce says will benefit businesses with its predictability, speed, and case management," they wrote. "In fact, many businesses may immediately view it as a strong alternative for resolving disputes for this simple reason: it does not have a backlog."

"Georgia’s trial courts have significant backlogs affecting thousands of cases due to the slowing or outright stopping of proceedings during the coronavirus pandemic," they continued. "However, as of Oct. 1, only nine cases have been filed in the Georgia Business Court."

John, Ellen, and Todd explained the requirements to use the court and offered lessons learned from North Carolina's Business Court. 

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