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How the Pandemic Is Impacting Health Care Mergers and Acquisitions In South Carolina

Columbia Business Monthly, Greenville Business Magazine, and Charleston Business Magazine

  • October 14, 2020

Walt Cartin wrote in several of South Carolina's leading business magazines about how health care mergers and acquisitions are evolving amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"Mergers and acquisitions in South Carolina’s health care industry came to a grinding halt in March, as did just about everything else, because of the coronavirus pandemic," Walt wrote. "While that freeze has now thawed, the pandemic has created new wrinkles in how deals get done. It may also lead to an uptick in transactions involving rural hospitals, physician practices and acquisitions across state lines."

"Many buyers of health care assets are back to business with a key caveat: they are now pushing for contract terms providing specific protections related to COVID-19," he continued. "With skilled nursing or other facilities serving vulnerable populations, buyers want to preserve the right to terminate the deal at any time prior to closing if there is an outbreak at the facility. Some have also wanted the seller to attest to compliance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidance specific to COVID-19, whereas that traditionally would have been scooped up in general compliance terms before."

You can read the full article in Columbia Business Monthly here. Walt's article was also published in Greenville Business Magazine and Charleston Business Magazine, which are part of the same family of business publications.