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In the Weeds With a New Noncompete Strategy: Garden Leave

Columbia Business Monthly, Greenville Business Magazine, and Charleston Business Magazine

  • January 06, 2021

David Pardue and Shalanna Pirtle wrote in several of South Carolina's leading business magazines about a new approach to handling noncompete agreements.  

"Some businesses in the Southeast have begun adopting a new strategy to deter their employees from leaving to join the competition – or, at the very least, to gain greater control of that transition," David and Shalanna wrote. "It is often called garden leave, and it essentially means paying the departing employee to do nothing for a period of time. As expensive as that sounds, some companies say it can make business sense when you factor in the risk and cost of litigation involving a key employee’s departure." 

You can read the full article in Columbia Business Monthly here: In the Weeds With a New Noncompete Strategy: Garden Leave

The article was also published in Greenville Business Magazine and Charleston Business Magazine, which are part of the same family of business publications.