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Skip Lohmeyer Quoted in Legaltech News on What Law Firms Need From Their Technology Platforms

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  • March 10, 2021

Parker Poe Chief Information Officer Skip Lohmeyer was quoted in Legaltech News on whether a single technology platform can meet the needs of law firms.

“Larger firms usually will not leverage a single [platform] as they don’t offer the flexibility or best-in-class functionally for some of the specific modules,” Skip said. “For example, a large firm will generally want a very robust document management system (DMS); but, the one-stop-shop solutions with built-in DMS modules don’t always have the ability to meet all the large firm’s requirements.”

He said that one-stop solutions can be perfect for some law firms though, usually smaller firms.

Subscribers can read the full article here: Rejecting ‘One-Stop Shops,’ Firms See Legal Tech Interoperability as Key to Innovation

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