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The Pandemic's Impact on Litigation and What It Means for Businesses

The Daily Report

  • April 20, 2021

John Amabile, Brian Cromwell, and Robert Jordan wrote an article in the Daily Report on how the pandemic is changing the practice of litigation. 

"As with everything else, the coronavirus pandemic has had a profound impact on the practice of litigation," they wrote. "More than a year after courts around the U.S. first closed for the public health emergency, it is becoming clearer which adaptations are here to stay."

"Arbitration and other forms of alternative dispute resolution are more valuable than ever," they continued. "Remote depositions have become a strong, convenient option, and remote oral arguments can make sense in certain circumstances. While all of these changes have created efficiencies for companies, whether they are ultimately good for business may vary based on the size and scope of the dispute."

Subscribers can read the full article here: The Pandemic’s Impact on Litigation and What It Means for Businesses.

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