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Ten Strategies for Mitigating Liability and Avoiding Construction Disputes

  • October 06, 2021

Daniel Knight and Jason Herndon wrote an article in Construction Executive with practical tips for avoiding construction disputes. 

"Despite all the effort and energy construction professionals invest in planning, preparing and delivering a project, construction disputes are not uncommon," they wrote. "Often costly and time-consuming struggles, they can arise out of any number of issues, including poor workmanship, inadequate designs, labor and material shortages, project delays, injuries, defective materials and unexpected events. Unfortunately, there is no crystal ball that tells someone when a dispute is going to happen."

"Construction professionals can, however, through intention and forethought, plan and prepare for potential disputes in advance," they continued. "Here are 10 tips all construction professionals should consider to mitigate their liability in the event a dispute later arises."

You can read the full article here: Ten Strategies for Mitigating Liability and Avoiding Construction Disputes.

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