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The Leandro Lawsuit Is Named After Me. Here's What I Want to See from N.C. Lawmakers

The News & Observer

  • December 07, 2021

Robb Leandro wrote an op-ed in The News & Observer about a long-running dispute over public school funding in North Carolina. 

"Over 25 years ago, my family and I joined a lawsuit against the State of North Carolina involving low-wealth schools," Robb wrote. "Our motivation was simple: We cared deeply for our community of Raeford in Hoke County and we knew firsthand that my classmates and I were not receiving the educational opportunities we deserved. That case has become known by our last name: the Leandro case." 

The case ultimately established a constitutional right to a sound basic education for all public school students in North Carolina. In recent years, "North Carolina has worked with local and national education experts to create a comprehensive plan to address the needs of low-wealth schools and students," Robb wrote. 

"I am convinced that implementing the plan is the best opportunity we’ve had to solve this crisis," he concludes. "My sincere hope is that we move forward together, not as Democrats or Republicans, but as fellow North Carolinians, entrusted with providing a quality education to every child who calls this place home, whether it be in Raleigh or Raeford."

Subscribers can read the full column here: The Leandro lawsuit is named after me. Here’s what I want to see from NC lawmakers.

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