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Shalanna Pirtle Named Parker Poe's Chief Talent, Diversity & Inclusion Officer

  • February 01, 2022

Charlotte, N.C. – Parker Poe Adams & Bernstein LLP is pleased to announce the creation of its first C-suite role overseeing all aspects of talent management, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) – reflecting the firm’s commitment to those matters at the highest levels. After a lengthy process, which included interviewing candidates from around the country, Parker Poe’s board of directors was pleased to offer the position to current partner Shalanna Pirtle, who accepted without hesitation.

“The skills that make Shalanna an excellent mediator and employment partner (she’s an empathetic, problem-solving, strategic thinker) are what we need in this job,” Managing Partner Tom Griffin says. “When you toss in her 15 years of service to Parker Poe, her dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and her powerful voice for change and improvement – I believe this will make a true difference in our firm and will drive progress on many fronts that are critical to our success and family.”

The C-suite role is the next step in a process Parker Poe started more than 15 years ago, when it was one of the first firms in the Southeast to set up central oversight of diversity initiatives. Shalanna will take ownership of three functions: (1) DEI, (2) professional development, and (3) recruiting and retention.

Shalanna is creating comprehensive goals for the firm and providing strategic planning, vision, and leadership as she weaves DEI more tightly into the fabric of the firm on a long-term basis. She is overseeing the build-out of a robust professional development program with learning, skill development, career development, coaching, mentorship, feedback, and evaluation opportunities. She is also revamping the firm’s efforts to bring on new attorneys and staff and increase retention rates by building trust and a strong community. She will have the support of the firm’s resources and talent as she advances this mission.

“As our firm grows, I will be constantly thinking about what we need to have in place to support all of our folks and make sure we are considering DEI in every decision – that it flows seamlessly throughout the organization,” Shalanna says. “We are turning our long-term vision into a set of measurable goals to help us get there, and I will bring my passion and fire to every step in this journey.”  

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