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Jonathan Crotty's OSHA Heat Stress Article Referenced in GreenBiz

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  • May 03, 2022

Jonathan Crotty’s article, “OSHA Launches National Enforcement Program for Heat Stress,” was referenced by GreenBiz. The article, “The temperature is rising on heat as an ESG issue,” discusses climate change and its impacts around the world, more specifically the extreme heat wave in India.  

“The climate crisis is contributing to worsening weather extremes, including hotter and longer heatwaves and extended droughts, with profound implications for companies and economies,” said Joel Makower, author of the article and Chairman and Co-Founder of GreenBiz Group.  

The article cited Crotty’s writing saying, “Last month, the Biden administration announced a new heat illness prevention campaign and enforcement program. It is also developing a national standard on heat stress for workers. Currently, only California, Minnesota and Washington state have such standards.”  

You can read the full article here: The temperature is rising on heat as an ESG issue 

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