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Law360 Highlights Parker Poe's Strategic Alliance With Session Law Firm

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  • May 03, 2023

Law360 recently highlighted the strategic alliance between Parker Poe and Session Law Firm in Washington, DC.

“Parker Poe and Session Law Firm will continue to operate independently,” the article said, “but the new alliance will allow them to collaborate on some matters and boost what both firms can offer clients.”

The article noted that Parker Poe has grown its legal and consulting presence in the nation’s capital in recent years, including through the opening of its first full-service office there in 2019.

The article also described Warner Session’s history of serving primarily midsize clients in the DC area, as well as his involvement in civic and legal organizations. He founded Session Law Firm in 1992.

Subscribers can read the full article here: Parker Poe Enters Strategic Alliance With DC Firm

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You can also learn more about the strategic alliance here.