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John Amabile Quoted in Law360's Midyear Review of Biggest Georgia Rulings

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  • July 25, 2023

John Amabile was quoted in Law360's midyear review of Georgia's most significant court rulings.

In a decision involving a 2020 provision of the Georgia Constitution on sovereign immunity, the state Supreme Court focused on the plain meaning of the statutory text — an approach called textualism.

"I think it's a very detailed analysis by the court that one could use to show what their analysis is going to be on legislative interpretation-type cases," John said. "It just strikes me as another in the line of cases where they're asserting this textualist approach."

John noted that the Supreme Court's 2017 ruling that established its textualist approach was also on sovereign immunity. 

"It did occur to me that maybe they're just officially linking it all back up," John told Law360.

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You can find additional analysis from John and his Parker Poe colleagues on the Georgia Supreme Court's embrace of textualism here:

John and two of his colleagues were also quoted in Law360's midyear review of Georgia's biggest legislation.