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Jeremy Locklear Quoted in North Carolina Lawyer Magazine About Mentoring Minority Law Students

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  • August 18, 2023

Jeremy Locklear was quoted in the latest issue of North Carolina Lawyer magazine about his involvement with a program geared toward helping minority law students gain valuable legal experience. 

Jeremy co-chairs the North Carolina Bar Association's Minorities in the Profession Committee's 1L Summer Associate Program (1L SAP). This year, 12 minority law students participated in internships.

"Each year, the 1L SAP interview program brings together many great employers and pairs them with talented minority 1L law students," Jeremy told the magazine.

"More often than not, being able to start their legal training off with solid experience helps law students chart the path for the rest of their career," Jeremy continued. "During their summer opportunities with our partnered employers, 1L SAP students not only gain valuable practical experience, but they also develop meaningful relationships that can help them springboard their post-graduate careers."

The 12 first-year students were able to meet experienced attorneys and gain insight through new relationships.

"Having a trusted mentor is one of the most valuable things a minority student can have during their law school journey, and the earlier they secure one, the better," Jeremy said. 

He continued: "Mentors can help minority students navigate which classes to take based on their practice interest, flesh out what things they should be doing to set themselves up for success, and, obviously, assist with career planning and networking opportunities. Through MIP, students have the opportunity to interact with minority attorneys, and they have the potential to identify potential mentors."

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North Carolina Lawyer magazine is the flagship publication of the North Carolina Bar Association.