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Veterans Day 2023: Honoring Those Who Served

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  • November 11, 2023


In the early 1950s, World War II veterans Francis Parker and Bill Poe became partners at our law firm. Their names and commitment to public service have been part of the fabric of the firm ever since.

On Veterans Day as our country honors all of those who have served, we at Parker Poe also want to specifically thank our attorneys and staff, past and present, who were willing "to serve and sacrifice for the common good," as the Department of Veterans Affairs puts it. We also want to thank the many family members of our attorneys and staff who have served our country.

Below are a few of our veterans and their stories. Most of them are pictured in the image at the top of this page. 

Name: Jasmine Little
Current Title at Parker Poe: Associate
Military Branch: U.S. Army Judge Advocate General's (JAG) Corps
Brief story from your time in the service: I represented a client who was put in jail for going AWOL. Prior to being jailed, his commanding officer had viewed him as problematic and encouraged others to stay away from him, which isolated him from the rest of the organization. We formally requested the commanding general dismiss the charges based on several mitigating factors. When the charges were dismissed and the client was to be released from jail, I called him to tell him the good news. As he hung up, I heard him say to himself, "Man, my attorney is awesome."
What have you taken with you from your service into your career: Through the Army JAG Corps, I gained confidence as a litigator through exposure to a variety of experiences at each stage of the litigation process. It was a great experience-broadening commitment that taught me invaluable leadership skills, patience, and determination.

Name: Skip Lohmeyer
Current Title at Parker Poe: Chief Information Officer
Military Branch: U.S. Army, Missouri Army National Guard, and South Carolina Army National Guard
Brief story from your time in the service: My most vivid memory is serving alongside some of our nation’s most outstanding individuals. The numerous stories from those eight years often overwhelm me with the amazing, impossible things a group of soldiers was able to accomplish. I’ll never forget the men and women I had the privilege of serving alongside or those friends who also served.
What have you taken with you from your service into your career: The skills and experiences unmistakably alter the very being of anyone who served. Service forever shapes your leadership, management, aptitude, accountability, honor, integrity, ownership, urgency, and will. Military service often propels individuals into pivotal leadership roles at a young age, granting them experience and wisdom that many civilians might take years, if not a lifetime, to achieve. It is hard to imagine a finite list of things I took from military service when the military service shaped my entire life starting at 17. So, if the question is, “What have you taken with you from your service?” then the answer to me is, unquestionably – everything.

Name: Bob Stubbs
Current Title at Parker Poe: Special Counsel
Military Branch: U.S. Army
Brief story from your time in the service: In Vietnam our unit was tasked with supporting over 600 personnel stationed all over the country. This was during the time of troop reductions, so because my commanding officer and I were the only ones with infantry training, the company was acting as the second line of defense for U.S. facilities in Saigon. This was frightening as most of our men were only used to working in offices and had not fired a rifle in years. Fortunately, we were spared from combat. I did have a company clerk who was much like the character Radar from the television show MASH.
What have you taken with you from your service into your career: I learned how to negotiate contracts with Vietnamese service providers and also how to be flexible. I also came away with deep respect for those who served and a hope that our country would never again be involved in such an open-ended war. Unfortunately, that has not been the case in recent years.

Name: Pamela Vassar
Current Title at Parker Poe: Controller
Military Branch: U.S. Air Force
Brief story from your time in the service: I have many memories from my time in the service. Some of my longtime friends were made in those years, and we still stay in touch.
What have you taken with you from your service into your career: I went straight from high school into the military. It taught me responsibility, teamwork, integrity, and maturity. My military experience helped me at my current job because as a controller for a law firm you have to be all these characteristics. I credit my military years to where I am today.