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Charlotte Business Journal Highlights Parker Poe's Use of Artificial Intelligence

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  • February 08, 2024

The Charlotte Business Journal highlighted Parker Poe's use of artificial intelligence (AI) to boost efficiency.

"Parker Poe has been investing in AI and other technology with a singular goal: to improve efficiency for our clients," said Russell Killen, leader of the firm's AI Working Group. "For example, we have been using AI for several years in conjunction with due diligence and reviewing large batches of documents. We have found several AI tools that are specific to the legal industry can be quite effective in pulling out the key details we train them to look for. We also have a working group that is testing and adjusting the parameters we as a firm put around large language models such as ChatGPT."

"We have also found that the tools do not eliminate the need for attorney review — that human judgment is still critical," Russell continued. "AI is definitely an efficiency tool and is changing how we engage with information. But it is not to the point that it can meet the standards we set for client-facing work."

The article was tied to the Charlotte Business Journal's annual list of the area's largest law firms. It discussed AI efforts among those firms.

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