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Program Dates
February 23, 2019 in Parker Poe's Raleigh office

Since 2007, Parker Poe has hosted a program to help minority students navigate law school, make a successful transition into the practice of law after graduation, and thrive as they pursue the different paths a legal career may take. Approximately 700 students have attended this daylong program in our Raleigh and Columbia offices since the program's inception. Read some of what students who attended the 2019 program had to say about THRIVE here.

Our keynote speaker in Raleigh in 2019 was Phyllis Golden Morey, the Vice President and Deputy General Counsel at Ingersoll Rand, a $14 billion global business. Phyllis is responsible for managing Ingersoll Rand’s global litigation and advises the company’s businesses on litigation avoidance and dispute resolution. Previously, she served as Brooks Kushman P.C.'s Chief Diversity Officer and led the firm's commercial litigation practice. She has also served in leadership roles at Lear Corporation, Ford Motor Company, and Ameritech Corporation (now AT&T). Phyllis began her career as an Assistant U.S. Attorney in Detroit, Michigan. 

In addition to hearing from our keynote speaker, participants in this year's THRIVE program took part in the following breakout sessions:

  1. LINKEDIN FOR LAWYERS: Maximizing Your Use of LinkedIn with Every Click. One of our partners and marketing managers discussed best practices for the creation of LinkedIn profiles, which have become an essential social media tool in the legal industry. We described the benefits of using LinkedIn, discussed what we as a law firm are looking for as students are creating and updating their LinkedIn pages, and highlighted different ways to make your LinkedIn profile stand out from other law school students.
  2. OCI & BEYOND: Networking + Interviewing Tips and Traps. We talked about important tips and traps as it relates to networking and interviewing, things that we have seen that work well and things that we have seen trip students and attorneys up. We also talked about how to get the interview in the first place! Our discussion was geared towards students who attend schools where we do not traditionally conduct on-campus interviews (OCIs). We offered insights about opportunities outside of OCIs to make connections and land a job. This session also offered students insight into how to succeed in law school and an opportunity to answer any questions that have surfaced during the first year of law school. We offered test-taking tips, addressed the concerns of students who may not have done as well as they wanted to during their first year, and provided additional guidance on navigating law school.
  3. STRATEGIES FOR SUCCESS: Thriving as a Minority in Your Legal Practice. We had a panel of attorneys sit down to have a real conversation with students about being a minority and thriving as a minority in your legal practice. We answered any questions that students had, including ones that they may not have found a comfortable space to ask yet.

For more information, please email thrive@parkerpoe.com. To learn more about Parker Poe's commitment to diversity and inclusion, please click here.

Additional Resources

We encourage minority law students to take advantage of other valuable resources as well. For example, the Southeastern Minority Job Fair (SEMJF) is a great way to get in front of approximately 140 employers, including Parker Poe.