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Counties Approve Economic Development Incentive Grants for N.C. Wind Energy Project

  • April 27, 2011

The Boards of County Commissioners of Perquimans County and Pasquotank County in Northeastern North Carolina approved economic development incentive agreements with Iberdrola Renewables that give the company long-term incentives to build and operate the first large, commercial scale wind energy project in North Carolina. If built, the Desert Wind Power Project – named for the flat, agricultural region in the area – would be located on approximately 20,000 acres of private land near Elizabeth City. The company is considering the development of a 300 megawatt project, enough to power between 55,000 and 70,000 homes from a clean, sustainable source.

“This project would be the largest investment ever in these counties and would bring valuable investment and jobs to Northeastern North Carolina,” said Steve Hunting, a partner in Parker Poe’s Energy and Economic Development practice groups. “We are proud to have represented Iberdrola Renewables in this phase of its development effort.”

Leader of Parker Poe’s Iberdrola Renewables legal team and partner in the Firm’s Energy practice group, Henry Campen, noted that the “Implementation of this project would also be a big step forward for the growing green economy in North Carolina.”