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Insurance Can Mitigate Costs of Government Investigations


  • August 09, 2018

Daniel Peterson co-authored an article in Law360 on the importance of companies having insurance policies that apply to government investigations. 

"In those cases, costs can add up quickly as companies hire their own counsel to conduct an internal investigation and help respond to government inquiries, spend untold sums on e-discovery, and hire conflict counsel for employees who are interviewed by company counsel and/or the government as part of the investigation," Daniel wrote. 

"How does a company mitigate those risks and, if necessary, recover their legal costs?" he continued. "In addition to having an effective, constantly evolving compliance program, certain insurance policies can serve as a reliable hedge against the financial consequences of government investigations."

The article went into detail on the policies and their limitations. Subscribers can read the full article here. Law360 has more than 1 million newsletter recipients each day and is among the most trusted sources in the legal industry.