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Charles Raynal Quoted Extensively in Charlotte Business Journal

    Media Mentions
  • November 19, 2018

Charles Raynal was quoted in two Charlotte Business Journal articles on Mecklenburg County's upcoming property tax revaluation. The county has made changes to try to avoid problems that were associated with its last revaluation in 2011. 

“Real estate property taxes can represent a substantial percentage of operating expenses,” Charles said in the first article. “If they’re assessed too high, it can render a property unprofitable to operate. It can impact whether a client decides to hold on to a piece of property or not.”

Charles handled more than 50 appeals for mostly commercial and industrial property owners after the 2011 Mecklenburg County revaluations. He has also advised clients on reassessments in other North Carolina counties, including Wake, Forsyth, and Guilford. In the article, he provided context for the process and tips for property owners. 

In a second article about Mecklenburg County considering a shorter cycle for property tax revaluations going forward, Charles noted that larger counties typically use a shorter cycle than what Mecklenburg County has traditionally used. 

“Assessing more frequently is a way to yield greater reality and fairness across the market, but it really is a substantial use of resources to conduct a revaluation in a county like Mecklenburg every two years,” Charles said in the second article. 

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