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Data and Business Litigation

Today's General Counsel

  • July 02, 2019

Sarah Hutchins wrote an article in Today's General Counsel on lessons learned at the intersection of data and business litigation. 

"Data exposure is becoming a frequent source of civil lawsuits, as companies face claims of negligence, breach of contract, or other legal causes of action after a breach," Sarah wrote. "Data can, however, serve as a treasure trove of evidence in a variety of lawsuits, including those involving trade secrets and noncompete agreements. Those types of litigation have heated up nationally as the economy has improved and the competition for talent has stiffened."

"Companies should look in the mirror and ask: Do my data policies take these litigation trends and risks into account?" she continued. "Will they help or hurt my company if we need to pursue a claim or defend against one? There are practical steps that companies can take before a breach or a lawsuit to better protect their intellectual property and put themselves in a stronger position when the need for litigation arises."

You can read the full article here. Today's General Counsel is an award-winning magazine that addresses the needs of general counsel and other members of the C-suite.