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Cybersecurity & Data Privacy


Cybersecurity is one of the top issues keeping decision-makers up at night. Not only do organizations need to worry about the security of client and employee data, they also have to follow constantly changing regulations.

It is essential to have a game plan before problems arise. Our Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Team can walk you through the detailed policies you need and help train your employees about them. Our attorneys can develop a cybersecurity program that assists your company in preparing for – and responding to – a data breach based on the best practices the U.S. Justice Department, regulators, and industry groups recommend. We can also help you navigate SEC disclosure requirements on cybersecurity readiness. As part of that front-end work, we can examine whether you need cybersecurity insurance and, if so, which coverage would be adequate for the types of breaches that may occur.

When a data breach does happen, we are there from start to finish, complying with federal and state regulations and defending lawsuits from consumers and others. Our litigation team can protect and defend against both regulator and civil claims. As a full-service law firm, we are uniquely positioned to understand your cybersecurity challenges in the broader context of your overall legal needs. 

Our services include:

  • Crisis management
  • Cybersecurity and data privacy policies
  • Cybersecurity program and data privacy audits
  • Data processing and data transfer agreements
  • Data security breach preparedness and response
  • Due diligence and warranty negotiation for M&A
  • Employee privacy
  • Financial privacy
  • Health care privacy
  • Investigations and enforcement actions
  • Marketing policies
  • Privacy aspects of cloud computing and other sourcing arrangements
  • Privacy-related claims and disputes
  • Privacy statements for online activities
  • Strategies for protecting confidential business information

Representative Experience

  • Facilitated the export of significant amounts of data out of the European Union with regards to discovery in litigation.
  • Coordinated response to data breach for a number of entities, including governmental and quasi-governmental entities.
  • Prepared privacy policy for telephone applications in compliance with U.S. and European regulations.
  • Advised company on affiliate marketing strategies and regulations regarding storage and sharing of customer and consumer information.
  • Counseled a publicly traded company on its cybersecurity response plan.
  • Worked with insurance team on assessing insurance coverage.
  • Chaired a crisis management team during cyber response drills and actual events.

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