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How In-House Counsel Can Help Their Organizations Navigate Global Uncertainty

ACC Docket

  • October 2019

Elizabeth Gibbes co-authored an article in the ACC Docket that provided practical tips for dealing with uncertainty over tariffs, immigration, and other shifting elements of the international framework. 

"What are the best ways for in-house counsel to stay abreast of shifting policies, diagnose potential risks, and help their organizations set a course through murky waters?" Elizabeth wrote with Vince Pearson, corporate counsel for Draexlmaier Automotive of America. "These are questions that not only multinational corporations are struggling with, but also smaller businesses and nonprofits. Everyone is turning to their lawyers to help make sense of the changing landscape."

"Based on our experience advising a multibillion-dollar global manufacturer in the auto industry, as well as a wide variety of international companies with U.S. operations, there is a roadmap that legal departments can follow to put their organizations in a strong position to deal with uncertainty," they continued. "These tips apply to navigating virtually any type of uncertainty, although we will also tackle some of the specific policy concerns that businesses have raised regarding tariffs, immigration, and free trade in North America."

You can find the full article hereACC Docket is the leading magazine for in-house counsel, with an audience of 45,000 corporate counsel worldwide.