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Data Breach Victims Now Have Standing to Sue in Georgia

The Daily Report

  • March 23, 2020

John Amabile and David Pardue co-authored an article in the Daily Report about the impact of a Georgia Supreme Court ruling on data breach litigation.

"Data breach lawsuits remain an issue of high concern for businesses in 2020," they wrote. "Surveys indicate that many CEOs, including those of mid-market companies, rank the risk of data breaches as among their highest risk concerns for the foreseeable future. (These surveys occurred before the COVID-19 crisis.)"

"In Georgia, the state Supreme Court late last year issued a ruling that will significantly raise the risks of data breach litigation for companies that have suffered a security breach and, in turn, will likely come with an increase in legal spend associated with defending such lawsuits," they continued. "It also might serve to make Georgia state courts a favored venue for bringing data breach litigation."

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