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Tactics to Navigate Increasing PFAS Litigation and Regulation

Bloomberg Environment

  • March 11, 2020

Steve Weber wrote in Bloomberg Environment about the proactive steps that businesses can take to manage risks with PFAS. 

"Hundreds of lawsuits have now been filed over that family of widely used chemicals, including class actions," he wrote. "State regulators are increasingly asking businesses about their PFAS use. In addition, Congress is stepping up pressure on the Environmental Protection Agency to declare some types of PFAS 'hazardous substances' under the Superfund law (CERCLA), which would create significant compliance hurdles and could even lead to criminal prosecution for certain violations."

"Reviewing what role PFAS plays in your business can be a complex, technical process," he continued. "You do not want to rush to make critical decisions regarding PFAS under the pressure of litigation or an information request from regulators."

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