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COVID-19 and the Tsunami of Anticipated Litigation: What You Should Be Thinking About Now

Parker Poe Webinar

    Speaking Engagements
  • June 02, 2020

The courts are anticipating a wave of litigation as more states reopen amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Civil litigation will be brought by consumers, employees, buyers, and suppliers against public and private companies and their owners, senior management, and boards of directors. Criminal investigations and regulatory enforcement actions will increase related to economic stimulus and new regulations. Parker Poe attorneys provided an early insight into the fallout that courts, industry executives, attorneys general, and others are forecasting. This webinar explored:

  • How arbitration will help reduce the building backlog of federal and state court cases.
  • How companies can limit liability and anticipate vulnerabilities, including related to the Paycheck Protection Program, the False Claims Act, and cybersecurity.
  • Which industries will be hit hardest by class actions.
  • What types of investigations and enforcement actions are planned by federal and state regulators.

You can watch a replay of the webinar here and view the slides here. You can find Parker Poe's additional COVID-19 webinars and alerts here