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Cybersecurity Best Practices in a Remote World

Risk Management Magazine

  • October 13, 2020

Sarah Hutchins and Steve Britt wrote an article in Risk Management Magazine on how organizations can update their data security practices at this stage of the coronavirus pandemic. 

"With the rise of remote work, vulnerabilities have increased as additional devices are introduced into companies’ data ecosystems and new phishing schemes ranging from phony COVID-19 updates to 'emergency' demands for confidential information prey on pandemic-related fears and confusion," they wrote. "All of this comes while new technologies, like fingerprint timekeeping tools and contact tracing apps, are being incorporated into business operations, potentially triggering new data privacy laws and regulations and creating serious compliance risks." 

"In this climate, it is critical for risk professionals to help their company instill an expanded and updated culture of security awareness," Sarah and Steve continued. "They must revisit best practices for data security and train employees how to be vigilant, both online and offline—indeed, they risk being found negligent if they do not. Risk professionals can also help their organization take a fresh look at how they define and analyze their data ecosystem in order to take advantage of new safeguards, some of which are readily available in existing platforms."

You can read the full article hereRisk Management Magazine has been a leading source for the risk management community since 1954. It is published by the Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS).