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Tory Summey Quoted in Healthcare Risk Management on COVID-19 Vaccination Mandates

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  • July 26, 2021

Tory Summey was quoted in Healthcare Risk Management on how health care employers may be more willing to enforce their legal right to require vaccinations.

“The Houston Methodist case is going to give a lot of momentum to those hospitals that already wanted to require vaccines,” said Tory. “The judge in that case dug into the EUA and suggested that it does not actually prohibit a private employer from requiring the vaccine. With the EEOC guidance, employers can be confident that they can require this as a condition of employment.”

Tory further explained that the vaccines might soon receive full approval from FDA, which would negate the EUA issue and provide even more support for hospitals wishing to establish mandates. Nonetheless, Tory shared that lawsuits can still be expected.

“Any time you adopt a policy in the employment space, especially with something like vaccines where feelings are so hot, you have to be prepared for a potential legal challenge,” he said. 

You can read the full article here: Healthcare Employers Can Mandate Vaccines, but Some Caution Necessary.

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