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Steve Britt Quoted on College Cybersecurity Roles in The Chronicle of Higher Education

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  • August 24, 2021

Steve Britt was quoted in The Chronicle of Higher Education discussing how colleges can insure themselves against cyberattacks and outlining what colleges need to do, including detailed audits and upgrades to cybersecurity practices and training, to ensure coverage.

“Insurers are drawing back the drawbridge unless you can prove that you provide adequate security,” Britt told The Chronicle. Complicating the situation further, he explained, hackers sometimes target institutions because they are insured.

Cybersecurity, legal compliance, and budget concerns will overlap further as costly hacks inspire new state and federal regulations, he predicted.

Subscribers can purchase the full report online here: “Today’s Mission Critical Campus Jobs.” The Chronicle of Higher Education is the nation’s premiere news source on colleges and universities.