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Where Data Privacy Regulation Is Headed and How To Prepare

Charleston Business Magazine, Columbia Business Monthly, and Greenville Business Magazine

  • August 05, 2021

In several of South Carolina's leading business magazines, Steve Britt and Sarah Hutchins analyzed data privacy laws and regulations that are developing at a rapid rate. 

"While prevalent in other parts of the world for decades, California brought data privacy to our shores in 2018 with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which became effective in 2020," they wrote. "The CCPA imposes significant requirements on many businesses holding the personal information of California residents. Other states have followed suit, including Virginia and Colorado this year. Lawmakers in the Carolinas and over 10 other states have introduced their own sweeping data privacy bills this year, and Congress held many hearings on various bills last year."

"A review of these bills reveals about an 85% match in key provisions impacting businesses," they continued. "In other words, an overall framework for data privacy in the U.S. is settling among the states. Even though some South Carolina businesses may not fall under comprehensive data privacy regulation yet, they should consider proactive steps now that will pay dividends later."

You can read the full article in Charleston Business Magazine here: Where Data Privacy Regulation Is Headed And How To Prepare.

The article was also published in Greenville Business Magazine and Columbia Business Monthly, which are part of the same group of business publications.