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Tax Credits For Sale: Congress Enacts Fundamental Shift in Federal Tax Law with 'Historic' Ramifications for Renewable Energy Tax Credits


  • September 12, 2022

In Law360, Kay Miller Hobart authored an article on tax credits, specifically the new transferability and refundability provisions relating to the Inflation Reduction Act.

"Congress recently extended and expanded the tax credits available for renewable energy projects as part of the Inflation Reduction Act, which made other significant tax changes," Kay wrote. "The act fundamentally transforms the tax credit landscape in a number of ways, including allowing the sale of tax credits for cash on the open market."

"This is a marked departure from the existing rules and one which has major ramifications. The new law will undoubtedly affect the financing and structuring of renewable energy projects, which currently often involve complex partnership arrangements. In addition, it should influence litigation at the federal and state level regarding the applicability and application of intricate federal partnership rules. a forthcoming client alert."

You may read the full article here: New Tax Credits For Renewables Should Offer Investors Relief

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